Kristine Pries, Executive Director

Kristine Pries is the Director of Adoptive Families for Children. She manages the agency and handles the day-to-day administrative functions.
Kristine has a natural passion for children and families and has been working with them for almost twenty years. She started her career as a teacher working with preschool and kindergarten children before becoming a child care director and private school principal. For the past seven years Kristine has been working with birth and adoptive families in their pursuit of adoption
Kristine assists birth parents by guiding them through the adoption process. She is able to put our birth mothers at ease by talking with them and letting them know what to expect next. Kristine understand the anxiety that adoptive parents have regarding adoption and works diligently to alleviate that stress by explaining the process every step of the way.
Kristine received her Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education from Keene State College.