Adoption Preparation Seminars with Kelly Smith, LICSW

In partnership with Adoptive Families for Children, Kelly Smith, LICSW, our Director of Caseworker Services, is proud to offer her Adoption Preparation Seminar to help educate prospective adoptive parents and families about adoption and what it entails. These seminars occur in a group setting with other individuals and families that are considering adoption or taking part in the home study process. The objective of these seminars is to help prospective families:
  • Develop awareness and sensitivity to the importance of the child's birth family, culture, and heritage;
  • Increase understanding and sensitivity to how loss impacts the child;
  • Increase understanding of the ongoing process of adoption for both the child and the entire familiy;
  • Identify characteristics of children available for adoption;
  • Strengthen awareness for the developmental stages of children; and
  • Understand and become familiar with the racial and cultural factors for families pursuing transracial adoption.
Seminars take place in Manchester, NH and Waltham, MA, and run for one full day. Light snacks are provided, as is a break for a working lunch. For more information regarding this seminar, please contact Kelly Smith directly by calling (603) 491-9244, or visit her website at To download the adoption seminar's registration form, please click here.

2017 Schedule
  • January 21, Manchester, NH
  • March 25, Waltham, MA
  • May 6, Manchester, NH
  • July 15, Waltham, MA
  • September 23, Manchester, NH
  • October 28, Waltham, MA
  • December 2, Manchester, NH