The Adoption Process

Personalized Adoption Consultation

An experienced and caring adoption professional at Adoptive Families for Children will help you, the adoptive parent(s), think through all of the options and decisions you may encounter along your adoption journey. We will be available to address any questions or concerns you have as well. Adoptive Families for Children can help you assess if adoption truly is the right choice for you and, if so, what type of adoption may best suit your family.

Adoption Home Studies and Services

Adoptive Families for Children is available to conduct home studies for potential adoptive parents and do so in a timely, professional manner. A home study is a required part of the adoption process and is a very important step, as it ensures that your family finds the right child and that the child will be entering a stable and welcoming home. For more information regarding home studies and the services Adoptive Families for Children provides, please see our home study page or take a look at our home study FAQs.

Adoption Placement Services

Once your home study and pre-adoption training is complete, the professionals at Adoptive Families for Children will work diligently to match you with the birth parent(s) and child that best meets your desires. We work to ensure a match that fits well and that all parties’ needs are met.

Legal Services Regarding Adoption

From the forfeit and termination of parental rights through the finalization of the adoption, the legal staff at Adoptive Families for Children will handle your legal requirements and needs with the highest levels of professionalism, efficiency, and ethical expertise.

Post-Adoption Services and Support

Adoptive Families for Children will complete the required post-placement supervision visits and, in the case of open adoptions, offer to facilitate the creation and maintenance of relationships with your child’s birth parent(s). Furthermore, the counselors at Adoptive Families for Children will offer advice and even further classes regarding topics such as parenting skills, special needs parenting, and cultural sensitivity.

“They truly helped us through each and every step in the process, beginning with the creation of our family profile to share with birth parents. “