Check out these creative tips for building your adoption profile, put together by the adoption professionals at Adoptive Families for Children.

Keep in mind that your goal is to connect with the right birth mother for you. Successful adoptions occur when prospective adoptive parents and birth parents make a strong pre-birth connection. For your own sake, try to resist making your self into something you’re not. The more authentic you are in communicating the true essence of your personality, lifestyle, and parenting philosophy, the better chance you have of connecting with a birth mother who shares your feelings.

Paint a picture of how you live. Show examples by telling stories and using anecdotes in order to help potential birth mothers and birth parents picture the events described in your profile. The more intimate the details, the more vivid the picture becomes. Try and make the birth mother picture your home as a safe and healthy one for her baby.

Identify the places in your life in which your new baby will fit. Take time to write about how you will raise your prospective child. If you love the theater, describe your plan to involve the arts in your child’s life by attending shows as a way of introducing them to your world. If you like sports, make a joke about needing a good caddy or cheerleader. Real world situations and examples will help a potential birth mother imagine her child’s life with you.

Always be positive. No matter what, always put your best foot forward in your profile. Show the good things your life has to offer. You may mention a struggle with infertility, if that applies, or other hardships you have encountered, but try to do so within the context of the positive lessons that adversity has taught you.

Become a solution. Most people wish their homes were larger, their incomes greater, and relationships better. Try not to waste space pointing out any deficiencies. Communicate the positive aspects of your life that will help a birth mother see you as part of the solution she seeks.

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